Get Your Mind Right

With Carrie A. Boan

Take back your power from technology, social media, and constant connection. Our smart phones were created to be tools for business and communication, but they’ve become heavy chains of continuous stress and work. Learn how to cut the cord and set boundaries in your life to own your phone, and your phone doesn’t own you. Implementing one strategy at a time or the entire list at once will begin to free your mind from flashing notifications, repeated email alerts, and unnecessary social stress. Now is the time to own your life, own your priorities, and Master your mind again.

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Everything starts with the brain. As a Certified Brain Health, Life Coach, and Corporate Consultant, Carrie is known as “The Brain Diva” Emotional Intelligence speaker and consultant to executives and entrepreneurs. Through her unique yet simple Emotional Intelligence strategies, corporate leaders and entrepreneurs learn to direct their thoughts, words, and actions for effective communication, building brand trust, and employee/client retention. Combining her extensive career in neuroscience-focused physical therapy, brain health coaching, and life coaching with years her own overcoming fear, abuse, and pain, the Diva’s programs are designed from personal experience and professional knowledge. “Take 5 to F.O.C.U.S.” , “Get Your Mind Right”, and “One More Time” are my signature strategic yet simple programs designed to rewire our neural networks for positive, powerful thoughts, words, and actions. The time is always right to rewire your mind for deeper happiness and lasting success as you define it!