Trauma And The Brain

With Jamie Hughes

This chart will bring you and your family together by helping everyone to recognize all they have to be grateful for. You can use this as a weekly exercise, during holidays, or for teaching gratitude.

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Jamie Hughes is a native of South Carolina. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Gardner-Webb University. He has worked in the nonprofit field for many years advocating for victims, encouraging survivors and campaigning for healing. Jamie leads Successful Purpose as a holistic life and business coach, helping people to move from surviving too thriving. Some fun facts: Jamie is an internationally certified journal writing instructor and is a proud comic book nerd, building his collection since the fourth grade. One of my life mantras has always been “get knocked down seven times, get up eight.” After a life of facing countless obstacles, both internal and external, I couldn’t be more excited to share the skills, knowledge, and motivation I’ve acquired with you.  love building people up to be successful in life and business. I’m passionate about making your dreams come true. Why? Because I believe that you deserve to know the happiness that comes from achieving your goals.”