Finding Courage In The Midst Of Terror

With Steph Palermo

This is a downloadable version of Steph Palermo’s first book.  In this book Steph shares stories about how she got comfortable in her own skin. Steph is a gifted storyteller whose story evokes some tears and lots of laughs.

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Steph Palermo, raised in a Sicilian family, taps into her experiences both at home and in Sicily to bring you simple wisdom to transform your life and business. Sicilians are passionate about family, food, love, and respect. Steph tackles Sicilian traditions like the family dinner table, forgiveness, loyalty, and generosity. She offers tips on incorporating these values and others into your life to strengthen familial bonds, inspire lives, and ultimately positively affect the bottom line in your business. As a short storyteller, Steph draws you into her world and demonstrates how by adopting a Sicilian way of thinking and being, you will begin to value all you have. You will enjoy healthy relationships, inner peace, and an increase in productivity at home and work, not to mention an increase in appreciation of mealtime. If you are of Italian or Sicilian descent, you will identify with Steph’s stories as you stroll down memory lane. She will remind you of what you may have forgotten, or you will nod in agreement as a practicing Sicilian. This book is for anyone who wants to truly embrace life and enjoy every moment. Whether you are interested in positively influencing your family, a single person who desires to offer and receive value in relationships, or a business owner who cares about employees and increasing productivity. You will learn what it takes to reach your desired outcomes. Steph Palermo melds old school values with our current, modern-day world.