Rewiring Your Brain for Joy

With Tracy Webster

The Law of Creation explains the Science Behind the 18 Universal Laws to Happiness and Joy. It is your inherent right to live a life of joy, health and wealth. Discover the steps to achieve your best life and complete happiness. Become a Consciousness Engineer and create magic for yourself.

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 Steve and Tracy have been together for more than 30 years, have two adult daughters and a zoo of fur babies. They emigrated to the USA in 2012 and have lived on 3 different continents. They are avid travelers and have visited more than 70 countries together. Steve was born in the United Kingdom and moved to South Africa when he was 12. His background has been predominantly in the Information Technology field, but he has used his CEO, Managerial, and MBA skills to develop a board game with the corresponding app, write books, start multiple companies in different fields, and most interestingly of all, become a qualified Hypnotherapist with a complete understanding of the workings of the human mind.  Steve is most proud of his Private Pilot’s License and loved flying the family to exotic places on the spur of the moment. What he loves most about Tracy are her tenacity and courage.Tracy was born in Zimbabwe and moved to South Africa when she was 6 years old. She has had a varied career path and loves reinventing herself. She has worked in Car Rental, Vehicle Finance, Import/Export, Holistic Health & Nutrition, Bio-Energetic Therapy, Restaurant Owner, and Author. Tracy is most proud of her Harley Davidson riding skills and loves being a biker chick! When asked what she loves most about Steve, she replied:  “His sense of humor and sharp wit”. What excites them both most is their current vocation in Ontology – the branch of metaphysics dealing with the nature of being, and both have a strong calling to help others improve their lives and find true happiness. Collectively they have 40 years’ experience in understanding human nature which has been the driving force behind their current success. After many difficult trials, they are now living their best life and are happier than they have ever been before. They are determined, motivated, and excited to help others achieve the same level of joy, peace, and abundance.